3 Reasons to Get an Android App Developed


With 87.7% of the global mobile operating system market, Android is the world’s highest selling mobile OS as of now. It is versatile, highly flexible and easy to use. Android rose to fame in no time owing to a plethora of features that it has to offer.

With increase in popularity, Android led to a revolution in the mobile app development industry. Suddenly every developer wanted to be an Android developer and every mobile app development wanted to be known as an Android app development company.

Android completes ten years of market presence this year! In the short duration for which Android has been in the market, it has enabled developers in opening the taps of creativity in their heads, as a result of which Google Play Store has 2.8 million apps.

Getting an Android app developed is now almost a necessity for all businesses. Wondering why? Here’s why:

Better Customer Engagement

How many of your customers own a smartphone? Or should I ask how many of your customers don’t own a smartphone? Not many, eh? That’s how popular mobile phones are. And it isn’t just your customers, almost all the people use smartphones, and when most of those smartphones use Android operating system, it is wise to get an Android app developed.

With Android apps, you can reach out to potential and existing customers in real time and in a rather non-traditional way. Imagine how good a customer would feel when they have their queries answered instantly. When developed right, Android apps have the potential to convert the engagement of customers into revenues.

Better Availability

With Android apps, you can be available to your customers around the clock since people use their mobile phones for quite a lot of time throughout the day. So connecting with them in a medium which allows you to be available to your customers all the time really is something worth considering for the businesses you’ve built with a lot of hopes and aspirations.

From a customer’s point of view, such apps are really important. Let’s say I’m hosting a party at my place the next day and it’s already midnight. Knowing me, I would be thinking about food, about what I would be keeping in the party for the guests. In this case, I would refer to various food delivery apps to know my options.

But if I don’t have any app available with the help of which I can know about the various food items that could be delivered at my place, it would be difficult for me to decide what to make my guests eat. You can now imagine how important your app would be to your business.

Better ROI

Imagine your favorite neighborhood tuck shop to be open 24X7. Your midnight cravings would now be easily catered to, right? Isn’t that convenient? Now imagine if your favorite shoe store allows you to look at all the shoes they have to offer. You’d have to select the one(s) you wish to purchase and then you pay for them and wait for the shoe store to deliver it to your home within a week.

In both of the cases, there would be an increase the sales of your products regardless of what they are. That is exactly why many companies turn to mobile apps to increase their sales. The ROI apps provide is unmatched.

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