5 things you should know about fishing


The love of fishing develops over time; it’s not a game you can learn in a day. Mastering the technique of fishing comes with experience.

Like many of us even I learned fishing from my father at the banks since my early childhood. But those living in the city who get only weekends or summer holidays to vacation around water, for them, developing or learning the art of fishing is a bit difficult.

In this post, I will tell you five essentials elements about fishing that will help beginners to master this art well.

1- What you wear is important

Now to some, it may sound strange, but this is what I learned from experience. Wearing clothes that can camouflage with the surrounding can help you when you cast your bait.

Wearing a dark blue or green t-shirt can help you. Many fishes have good eyesight, and they look upward in search of food or to avoids danger.

They can notice you! Remember this ( especially if you are chasing a bass).  Your dark colored tee will help you camouflage with the surrounding sky or trees, making your bait more apparent to the fish.

2- Stay at a distance from water

If you are new to fishing, it is essential to understand to keep a required distance from the water. Beginners often get paranoid seeing a spooked bass creating a huge swirl in the water. Well, there will be many shallow ponds in which you can learn the art of casting a bait from a distance. Ones you overcome your fear, you can easily choose to fish anywhere.

3-  Use of subtle fishing accessories in the beginning

Many expert fishers know this secret tip, and I am sharing it with you. So pay close attention. You need to understand the water and the fish you are casting. Pond fishes are not used to a big presentation like kayaks or heavy casters on the contrary to this if you head into sea water you can enter with profound strength. So if you are fishing in a pond or small lake, keep a low profile, use a simple and silent caster. But when you catch on the seas, use only the best fishing kayak 2018, for maximum results.

4-  Position your bait for long in the strike zone

While fishing, the angel in which you cast is essential. Therefore proper casting angel should be maintained. Even if you use a kayak or you cast from shore, maintain your casting angel and position is critical to target a fish. Always move in small and well-defined grids rather than haphazard moves. This will help you catch the bets fishes effortlessly.

5-  Environment is the key

The environment, be it the cover or wind is an essential factor that adds to your chances of a good catch. Although it is difficult to cast a right angle in the windblown lake that is covered by trees, yet the opportunities of catches a big fish like a big bass is higher in such areas. Also, the wind blows ponds are very easy to predict. From the direction of the wind, you know where the fishes will be heading and you can easily cats you bait from the bank.

Hope these five tips prove great for polishing your fishing expertise and help you catch some good game!


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