A rocking company offsite in IT city


Check into The Leela for a good company offsite event that offers a mix of professional learning and on-site activities.

As an employer and business owner, it is important for you to keep employee morale high so that their performance and motivation remain constant. It is not always down to monetary perks and promotions – employees need to connect with their colleagues and feel emotionally invested in the company’s welfare. A simple way to achieve this goal is to organise a company offsite.

There are many benefits of having a company offsite – networking and increasing productivity being two major reasons – and it can help your employees learn more about the company in a different environment. Here’s how you can go about planning it in Bangalore:

 1 Book The Leela Palace Hotel Bengaluru. Not every hotel is able to host a company offsite successfully, so it is always better to go with a 5 star Bangalore hotel that has a good track record for such events. Take, for example, The Leela Palace Hotel Bengaluru. The biggest conventions and business conferences are held here routinely, so they know a thing or two about entertaining corporates. The hotel has multiple options for meeting rooms, banquet spaces, dining areas, conference spaces, etc. Plus, if it’s a two-day affair, your crew and you can enjoy the pool, restaurants, spa and fitness areas in the hotel, among other amenities. This is one of the best 5 star hotels in Bangalore for your company offsite – don’t take our word for it; book space in the city’s only modern palace hotel and experience the magic.

2 Plan the itinerary properly. How the day goes depends on the agenda for the offsite event. Most offsite events are organised with several end goals: you want the team to bond, you want colleagues from outstation offices to meet each other, brainstorm new company initiatives, get creative and offer new ideas for better working, etc. In short, it is a work-related activity in an informal, relaxed setting. Taking the staff outside the environs of the office and into the posh setting of a 5-star hotel in Bangalore can help the team unwind. You can organise workshops, contests, discussions with industry veterans, etc.

3 Take the fun outside. It is all very well to have a day of discussion and workshops – but people need to stretch their legs and breathe the fresh air. Luckily, there are many fun things to do in Bangalore. Ask the hotel to hire out a couple of buses to take a day trip to Nandi Hills, or to go shopping at MG Road, or eating out at VV Puram Food Street. You can even find out if there is a rock show in town – the rock season in Bangalore spans October to March every year – and take the team out to enjoy live music.

4 Arrange transport to the airport. If you’re staying at The Leela Palace Hotel Bangalore, you need not worry about airport transfers. The hotel will send a coach to the airport with your staff on board. But you might need to arrange separate transport for those staff members who are flying out at an earlier or later time. You can have a successful company offsite event by dint of careful planning – and booking the do at a Bangalore 5 star hotel. Good luck!


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