Bad Credit? Here’s How Entrepreneurs Can Score A Loan


We all have a vision, a passion which we want to make true. It is our dream which keeps us grounded and excited. We will start with something that is our obsession and decide that we want to take it that one step further.

When we finally start working on it, that adrenaline rush, excitement and thrill to kick-start the business takes our whole attention, which means that sometimes, potential entrepreneurs are blindsided with huge obstacles they were not expecting. During this phase, there are many steps that we must keep in mind.

One such important aspect is finance. It is the most vital part while developing and growing your business. Many owners go through extremely hard time to overcome poor credits. As a matter of fact, around ten years ago, there were not many options to overcome bad credits. If one falls into such situation then it was supposed to be an end-road for them as there was no solution on the table.

Nonetheless, with the development of technology and advancement in the industry, it is now easy to overcome such problem, all thanks to non-bank lenders. The traditional banks have a high requirement for small business and entrepreneurs making it impractical for them to qualify. Thankfully, times have changed with the entry of non-bank lenders. It has become trouble-free for an entrepreneur with poor credits to achieve his dreams and non-bank lenders are helping him out.

We have summed up some loan options for entrepreneurs with bad credits to help them out with their start-up.

  1. Business Line Of Credit

Traditional banks are well-known for their terms and conditions for their business lines of credits. Alternatively, lenders offer shorter, smaller and handy lines of credit that can be afforded by a small business owner.

With a line of credit, you are permitted to use funds for your business whenever you need. The best part is that you are only going to pay interest on the fund you are withdrawing. Once you have paid that amount (loan) with interest, your credit line will be stocked up to its original position.

The business owner needs flexibility while running a business since sometimes you just can’t pay back the amount in time. A business line of credits offers you that flexibility which makes it the best financing tool for any business owner. The owner which suffers from irregular cash-flow can take advantage of this loan. You can easily withdraw from the line of credit when you enter a slower month in order to maintain your cash-flow and prevent it from slipping to a dead-end.

It also follows terms and conditions like working in this field for over six months with a fixed revenue (they can have a limit on revenue). In addition, it can even take only one day to get approved making it easy for you to access.

  1. Short Term Loans

A short-term loan can fit your criteria easily if you are looking for a business loan with bad credits. Obviously, you must be aware of the structure and details of the loan. The structure of short-term loans is similar to the traditional loans (which you might be aware of). You will receive an amount which you have to pay-back in a predetermined payment within a fixed span of time. This is alike to the terms that a traditional bank offers with few variations.

  • These loans are termed as short as it is not offered for a multi-year period. Instead, they are offered for around 3 to18 months of total time period. Since they follow a short term strategy; the repayments are done on daily or weekly basis unlike traditional banks that trail monthly repayment policies.
  • They also have lower price limit that means the payment for the borrower will be less as compared to bank loans.
  • There is not much time or effort to be invested while applying for a short-term loan. It will only require a simple application and a short waiting time to fund the amount. This reason makes short-term loan fit for the owner who needs instant money to act on important decisions.
  • They are the topmost choice of a business owner with bad credits. However, the lender works with the borrowers that have a minimum of 550 Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score. With the help of frequent payment and short-term loan policy, lenders willingly take the risk while choosing a business to work with.

These steps make the short-term loan a perfect gateway for a small business owner with bad credits to have a straightforward yet predictable loan.

  1. Statement Funding (Invoice)

The funding statements come handy to a business owner by freeing up capital when some unpaid bills slow down the cash-flow. If it meets your requirement criteria then this is another most used option for owners with bad credits. This requires a self-secured loan that means that your excellent bank statement can act as a security for further financing.

These invoice financing companies generally work with bad credit borrowers with score above 500 as their statement acts like a safety guard. Taking the worst-case scenario, if you are unable to repay them then they can simply collect their payment via invoice to regain their losses. The lenders that offer invoice financing services can easily convert your invoices into cash.

  1. Business Credit Cards

This might be the last thing you will consider in your business financing but they are worth to add. You can use credit cards for your monthly expenses and capital need. In simple words, they are like a line of credits with the higher interest rate. Nevertheless, there are many advantages to have a business credit card instead of a business loan.

The business credit cards are the alternative to the traditional loans and are like a life saviour to small business owners. In the conditions, when you will need quick financing, flexibility while borrowing money and no collateral to offer against capital, the business credit can come in use.

In addition to this, business card with 0 percent preliminary annual percentage rate (APR) is important while claiming free loans. It makes borrowing money effortless if it is within credit limit including devoid of any interest rate on the total amount. Keep in mind that once your introductory period is over, you need to pay down your balance. There are limited numbers of cards that will work for bad credit borrowers with lower credit scores.

The best component of using a business credit card is the possibility to build good credit score with superior borrowing activities. Make a note of making your payment on time and within few months your credit score will gradually improve. This will help you to qualify financing future products.

Earlier there was not must a borrower with bad credits could do. However with the change of time there are so many options available in the market for bad credit borrowers to take advantage of. An entrepreneur that is struggling to grow his business can take these benefits and secure their position in the market.

Well, there is cost you need to pay for everything. These credit loans can be amplified with interest rate that can be way too expensive to handle, especially for a start-up company.

Therefore, if you can wait up for some time before claiming finances, then you must invest your time in increasing your credit score and wait for the best offer that could be qualified by your business.

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