HostGator VS DreamHost – Comparison Based on Money-Back Guarantees


The IT sector growth is evident and can it cannot be denied that this is the fastest expanding sector. There are so many companies who are offering various IT solutions. This has made the competition so tough in market. Each service based company works on to find better ways to formulate schemes and offers to get new customers and plans to retain the older ones. The most important part of the IT sector is the web development.

Everybody wants to have their presence felt over internet. This provides business opportunities to various hosting server providing companies. These hosting companies basically rent out a certain space on their servers to you for monthly usage. Although performance of all these hosting panels is not same and varies depending upon the server type, bandwidth and storage space provided.

In a situation when you don’t like the service offered by the hosting panel and even then you are stuck to keep your site on their server as they are charging you prior to the setup. There are some service providers who are offering a money back guarantee to you if you are not satisfied with their service in a time duration. Two such major companies are HostGator and DreamHost. Let’s have a look at the service provided by these two hosting panels.


The HostGator is a good hosting service provider. They have a huge user base who is always praising the services of the company. They also give a 45 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. They will give back a complete refund if you don’t find their service worth it. The company although offers a 24×7 support over hotline and live chat to resolve any problems faced in the hosting. The team is dedicated to provide complete satisfaction to all the users. The plans offered by them are very well optimized and you will rarely face any problem.


They have over million domains name hosted by them since its initiation in 1997. That makes them a well known name in industry. The customers who are using DreamHost are satisfied and don’t want to shift to any other hosting service. For new users they offer a 97 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. They also provide 24X7 assistances to their users over email if you are using the basic plan and over phone and live chat for advanced user. They have an unlimited bandwidth availability that gives you a 100% uptime, as guaranteed by the company.


As both the companies are offering rather similar type of guarantees you cannot decide over this criterion. The features are also similar and thereby the pricing will be a major factor. The luring price tag of mere $3.75 by HostGator puts them in a better situation compared to a price tag of $8.95 by DreamHost.The choice of hosting will depend majorly on your needs. The pricing and budget is also a key factor. If not satisfied, you can ask for a refund anytime.


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