How to Develop Interest and Score Good Marks in Biology


Biology is a mandatory subject in every class, it doesn’t have to be a burden for one to study. Biology is a subject that builds upon itself, so it is important that every student must understand the basic concepts of biology. Learning the vocabulary associated with biology will help to understand the topics faster. Biology is a very interesting subject which tells us about ourselves and the environment around us. Here we see few tips on how to develop an interest and score good marks in Biology.

Develop a positive attitude: Biology can be a complicated subject, but it is also a very interesting subject if someone takes a step back and thinks about what they are studying. Having a positive attitude towards the subject makes it more fun and engaging.

Think, how your body works? How the muscles are working together to allow you to move. How the brain is sending messages to the muscles to perform actions. Biology is the subject which tells you all of these. And, these are all fascinating if you actually think about it.

Break Complex words into their roots: You will discover lots of new words every time you study biology, some of these are easy to remember and understand but some are very complex to understand and remember. Most of the words in biology come from Latin and have a suffix as well as a prefix. Knowing the suffix and the prefix of those words will help to remember and to understand the words easily.

Use Flashcards: Flashcards are one of the best ways to learn the meanings of complex words like: antibiotic, anabolism and axial skeleton. One can carry them around and can study at any time. In the school bus on the way to school is a great time to flip through those cards or one can even paste those cards near their study area so that whenever they are feeling bored while studying they can go through those words to deviate their mind and to learn something new.

Draw Diagrams: Sketching a diagram of a biological process can be the simple and best way to learn the concepts of biology rather than just reading it.  If you have understood a process of biology, then you must know how to sketch the diagram of that process. Suppose you are reading about photosynthesis, after reading the topic, you must know how to draw the process of photosynthesis, knowing the process helps to write detailed answers in the exam sheet.

Take Notes: While studying the topics of biology, one must read and take notes simultaneously. Taking notes on the topic not only helps to understand the topic but will also help to retain the concepts for a long period of time. These notes will be helpful to revise the lessons even when you are studying for the examination.

Study Before it is being taught in class: Study the chapters before it is being taught in the classroom as it will help you to understand the topics faster.

Hence, here we have seen few tricks to help us develop an interest and to score good marks in Biology. For interesting videos to learn the subject more effectively, the students can subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.


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