How to prepare yourself for becoming the after dinner speaker


Whether it is a formal or informal dinner, one needs to have anafter dinner speaker. This is because there is no fun in a plain dinner. If you want to becomea good after dinner speaker, you should know the things that you should be doing. There may be many after dinner speakers, but you need to be the best. Here some tips to help you become a good after dinner speaker.

  1. Do a research on the audience

You should know the audience because you will be presenting in front of them. And depending on the group, the composition and the profession that are engaged in, you have to create your content. Know the audience to build a good connectivity with them. You can take all this information from the dinner coordinator and the manager.

  1. Entertain the audience

A monotonous speech is nothing but a boring a speech. Don’t forget to add a fun element to your content. When you entertain the audience, they start bonding with you and pays more attention. So, do a bit of voice modulation, create jokes and see the crowd getting actively involved with you. Be creative enough to add and subtract things from your content depending on the mood of the people.

  1. Don’t drink before delivering the speech

Obviously, you are going to eat dinner if you are going to deliver a speech after that. The temptation of sipping wine or any other alcoholic beverage may be high, but you need to control it. Deliver the speech when you are in sober. Drinking before delivering a speech can be your biggest career disaster. Eat light food, drink a glass of water and hit the stage.

  1. Be punctual

If you want to keep things professionals, you better be in time. There is a myth that an important person is the last one to arrive at that party. But that is plain stupid. No one likes to wait for anyone. Punctuality is a trait that is respected. So, reach the venue at the time and also, this will help you to mingle with the audience. Once, you are familiar with the environment; it will be easy for you to blend in while delivering you speech

  1. Be confident!

You need to be confident while delivering your speech. But how are you going to gain that confidence? Practice is the key. Do an ample number of rehearsals. Practice in front of the mirror. It is only when you have practiced enough; you can go on the stage confidently to deliver your speech. Confidence should ooze out of your body. Keep brimming with positive energy!

With these five tips, you can become one of the most wanted after dinner speakers. And one important thing is that dress well. Dress to impress the crowd! All these tips are interlinked in a manner that you cannot ignore any of them. Now that you know what it takes to become a good after dinner speaker, the sky is your limit!


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