India is well known world over when it comes to health care. People fly in from all over the world seeking medical attention that is always provided well. This has not only provided employment to many people but has also given education a priority and a lot of research is done on a regular basis as diseases undergo various changes that need alternative medication. Indian online pharmacy has had a great impact to health care and the economy.

Benefits of online pharmacy on health care and the economy

  • Online pharmacies have helped drug companies to know which drugs are on high demand. Because the orders are recorded automatically, online pharmacies have been able to determine which drugs are demanded for mostly and this has helped drug producing companies to know where their focus should be.
  • Online pharmacies also have a section for customer reviews. This was a much needed part of business as the walks in clients to pharmacies hardly ever feel the need to go back to lodge complaints on the effectiveness of drugs bought. They are most likely to request for an alternative drug from another store before going back to the same pharmacy. This feedback has helped drug companies to make the necessary changes to the composition of the drugs produced based on their effectiveness.
  • Online pharmacies have had to employ many people to handle the orders and packaging as well as for provision of prescriptions when the need arises. This has reduced dependency and has reduced unemployment levels.
  • Online pharmacies pay taxes to the government which in turn is able to provide the necessary services to the citizens. Online pharmacies have registered an increase in their sales thanks to the use of the internet. This has translated to more income and taxes paid.
  • Some drugs like Viagra and weigh loss products were not being sold as much to walk in clients. Online pharmacies have reversed this trend as today this are registered as the most sold products.

It is evident that online pharmacies not only increase sales for income that benefit them, but it benefits the country as well.  Online pharmacies have played an important role on putting India on the map as the go to country for medical care. Thanks to online pharmacies, people are more informed on drugs and they have easy access to them.


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