Thames cruises give you every reason to remember the special moments with loved ones


Sweet memories are made of these – a fantastic sunset, enthralling vista and a cruise ride along the winding Thames River with your beloved. This 215-mile long river offers some of the most breathtaking sights of the city and the skyline. You can see the Big Ben, the London Bridge, the Tower of London, London Eye, The Docklands and the Millennium Dome and the Houses of the Parliament.

Pocket-sized luxury for every London lover

Thankfully, cruises do not mean sky-high expenses anymore. Today, you can enjoy the luxury of a cruise at a wallet-friendly cost. The Thames cruises make sure that you pay for much more than the food. The experience is grandiose. The beautiful architectural wonders of the city and the outskirts paint a beautiful picture for the riders. While most mainstream cruises usually stick to a commercial route that spans the cityscape, you can also book special cruises that can give you the true London view and experience.

Spicing up your life with a river cruise

The Thames dinner and lunch cruises are an excellent way to sail away from mundane lunches, banal dinners and predictable dates. Cruises are a fantastic way to make fantastic memories two steps away from the heart of the city, In between extremely busy weeks, without creating a massive dent in your savings accounts. These cruises are perfect for young couples, large families, friends and mature couples looking for a way to make things special again.

Resident or visitor, cruises are for everyone

Lunch and dinner on the wide winding river give every reason to the riders to fall in love once again. The entire experience in opulence-laden and offers the regular adventure lovers a slice of much-needed pampering. Most travel experts opine that the cruises on the Thames are a must for all Londoners and travellers. You may be visiting London for just a couple of nights, or you might be near the city for some work. Either way, your London adventure diary is incomplete without a cruise dinner or cruise lunch entry. The fact that these cruises allow you to go up and down one of the mightiest rivers in the history of Europe just makes the matter even more interesting.

You pay for more than scrumptious food!

The beautiful arrangement of live music, live entertainment for all ages and freshly cooked food on the boats simply makes the rides more lucrative for the thousands of people, who are currently thinking about hopping on a cruise. In reality, thousands of London dwellers and passersby opt for experiencing a lunch or a dinner on the Thames thanks to the convenient online booking systems. Join in for the best dining experience, live music gala and post-dinner dance on one of the splendid boats that cruise on the serene currents of the Thames right here at

Special photos on the cruises and the memories from the ride are sure to make it to the family album forever after. The Thames cruises give you the best chance to make some of the best memories with your family or your friends.


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